Friday, February 16, 2007

Matt Bailey, Search Engine Optimization Superstar

AAF-Cleveland (formerly the Cleveland Advertising Association) (the association I'm president of next year) had a morning seminar this morning with Matt Bailey - founder of SiteLogic. He spoke about search engine optimization and the potential of blogs for the business world.

It's been cool this year b/c I'm the First VP Of AAF-C which puts me in charge of programming. So I've been pretty much booking the people that cover topics that I'm interested in or that I've seen and have been great speakers. And Matt falls into both categories (as does Andrew Zolli.)

Matt once again had a great presentation. He updated his talk with several new case studies including the friction between breast feeding mothers and the Pork industry. I'd highly recommend Matt to any organization trying get a handle on how to effectively use this whole Internet thing.

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