Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Recap

As noted previously, I've been doing nothing much but sitting around and watching TV for the last 4 days. And I'm capping that off by watching the Oscars. And, man, is it annoying. The remote was all the way across the room on the couch and a combination of laziness and pain kept me from retrieving it, so I was subjected to part of the Rivers' Red Carpet Trainwreck. I don't need to hear Joan Rivers call anyone a "sexpot." And what the hell is Greg Proops (from Who's Line is it Anyway)doing reviewing Hollywood fashions?

Ellen was pretty funny. But the best part was Jack Black and Will Ferrell's Musical Number. Other than that it's been pretty much a yawner. I saw two of the movies up for best pic - little miss sunshine and the departed.

Here's a list of the things I'm most sick of:

1. Al Gore and people thanking him for his courage. I still don't want to see the movie.
2. People calling other people "a genius."
3. The backstage guy that used to be on MTV that keeps asking how my office pool is going. I don't have one. Hope I never do.
4. Jennifer Hudson's story. She got voted off American Idol. Big deal.

It was nice to see Forrest Whittaker win. He seems a lot more down to earth than the rest of the Hollywoodians. Plus, he hosted the Twilight Zone. Also, I'm glad Scorcese finally got his - even though Little Miss Sunshine was a much better movie.

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