Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I need a vacation

With my parents making teachers' salaries (at Catholic schools) we never really had the nicest clothes or the coolest shoes. ($100 for Jordans are you nuts!?) But my dad was a big proponent of annual vacations. With both of my parents being teachers they always had summers off and we always went somewhere. Always by car - station wagon, usually with wood paneling. (I was never on an airplane until I was in college.) I think I've been to 42 states by car. Granted, some of those were mere detours and driving through just to say we've been there. But we went across the country twice to visit my Uncle Jack and Aunt Gladys in Oregon - twice. My older sister and I always sat in the backwards facing "way back" and got truckers to honk their horns. Some of my favorite memories come from those family trips that didn't seem like much fun at the time.

So I was glad to see that Lisa started a new blog with discovered postcards from those trips. She's even transposed mom's notes.