Friday, January 23, 2009

I wonder what he's a doctor of

Things Mariella wouldn't let me buy - Episode #452

Who doesn't need a prayerful frog.

Jesus Chinese Calendar

I know it's been a while, so I'll make it up to all my readers by cleaning out my photos from the past few months that have been languishing on my cell phone.

This first one is a pic of my new calendar from "toothpick"/the chinese buffett down the street from my office. They always give these out around the holidays. You have several options typically featuring scenes of the chinese countryside. I HAD to get this one. My favorite part is the animals of the chinese zodiac pictured below Him.

Princess Pete

Saw this set of action figures while shopping at Ollie's. Seemed pretty normal until closer inspection.

The princess seems to be just one of the guys.

Welcome Woods

I was at Progressive Field the day new reliever Kerry Wood came for a press conference. They welcomed him with this scoreboard message. Can't wait for the tribe to come back.