Thursday, November 16, 2006

I was a Zolli fan when he was underground

Andrew Zolli will likely be creeped out if he reads this. Because (a)I've never met him and (b)I know a whole bunch about him that I spout off fairly often.

(sidenote on item B: While working at the Computer Service Center while attending Ohio University, my main duty was scanning IDs and assigning people computers. Over a period of 4 years you start to recognize people's names and faces. And I have a tendency to remember odd trivia. But the long and short of it is while being introduced to someone that you've presumably never met before you shouldn't say, "Oh you're Nancy Watkins (name changed protect the innocent) you went to OU and wore a purple shirt in your ID photo.)

I guess we'll just have to add him to the list (of people that think I'm creepy.)

Anyholler, I saw Andrew (Andy? Mr. Zolli?) speak at the American Advertising Federation National Conference in San Fran in June. And he was awesome and hilarious. If you have 40 minutes to spare and any interest in advertising, the future or ninjas watch the video of his speech.

Well, I happen to be the First Vice President of the Cleveland Ad Association which puts me in charge of programming and procuring speakers. Pretty much every ad club was drooling thinking of getting him as a speaker. But guess who nailed him down for a Feb. 21st speaking engagement? Yours truly. Actually I had a lot of help from some folks at my agency. We put together a video based on - a tremendous site Andrew mentioned in his speech. And in a weird full circle thingy, the Ninja answers Andrew's question this week. Goosebumps?! I thought so.

So in my non-creepy defense, I've pretty much memorized his bio b/c people keep asking me about our February luncheon. And I'm happy to tell them b/c it should be great.

So the image above is my promotional T-shirt that I made to promote the luncheon he'll be speaking at. Below is the back - NOTE: I cheaped out and didn't by the number pack.

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