Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm falling apart & movie reviews

So my back stopped hurting but then my leg started twitching. I went to the doctor on Friday and she tells me I have sciatica - inflamed nerves. She put me on steroids (mom's worried I'm going to start raging) and vicodin. I've been laid up in the house for four days now (which is making rage slightly). It hurts to sit, so I've been standing or lying down and pretty much just watching TV. Mariella came over on Friday and Saturday and we watched some movies. So I suppose I can review those:

The Departed. Good movie. Marky Mark was good but I can't figure out why he was nominated for an oscar he was barely in this movie.

The Secret Window. Suck fest. It started creepy and then not even Cap'n Jack Sparrow could right this crapboat. Stephen King wrote it and I he's one of the people on the list of folks who can produce crap and people still think it's good b/c of past work. Also on that list is: George Lucas, Dave Mathews and Wes Craven.

I heart Huckabees. I don't heart this. It's one of those snarky, "intelligent" films. There are a few funny bits but not enough to make it worthwhile.

Superman Returns. I was excited for this. But nothing really happens in this movie. There's not "super" fight. Kevin Spacey roughs up a kryptonited S-man who later recovers in the hospital. It was more a teaser for future sequels rather than being a movie in itself.

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