Saturday, July 07, 2007

More Maya & Zeke antics

We went for dinner on Sunday with Karen and family to the Rusty Bucket in Solon (try the wrap with the cucumber salad.)

Maya ordered milk. It came in a cup with a lid and I asked Maya (4) if she wanted a milkshake. I picked up her milk and shook it and told her that now it was a milkshake. She told Karen to keep the milk by her so I couldn't shake it. And when the waitress came by Maya ratted me out and told her that I made her milk into a milkshake and had the waitress tell me to stop it. What a snitch.

After dinner, I put both of my hands behind my head as you would when lying on a hammock. I looked over at Zeke (1) and he was doing the same thing. He put his arms down when I did. He thought it was hilarious. I forgot about it and did it again later and sure enough he was at the end of the table aping me again. What a nut.

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