Friday, July 27, 2007

That dog usually smells bad

Last nite at about midnite Chloe (Mariella's dog) got skunked. And not really knowing what to do, we let her back in the house. (Big, stinky mistake.) Mariella thought she was hurt so we drove to the emergency vet clinic. They wouldn't let us in the door. Well, they let me in the door but Mariella and stinky dog had to stay outside. They sold us a spray and some shampoo. They told me that she'd be fine. But we had to get the skunk oil off of her to stop the stench. So Mariella went and gave her repeated baths while I ran out for destinkers. It was after 1:00 am so not much was open. I found a Sav-A-Lot that was open 24 hours. And the clerk told me that I was the second guy in there who's dog got sprayed that night. What can I say? It's gaining popularity.

Chloe got her skunkiness on the sofa cushions, so we may be looking for a new couch.

The Internet recommends a concoction of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent to get the smell out of hair but Mariella didn't feel like going platinum so we looked for alternatives for her stinky mane. You can replace the HP with vinegar but I don't know what that would do to hair. Also someone recommended Murphy's oil soap but again, I'm not sure that's approached as a shampoo. So we read about people swearing by tomato juice. We didn't have any. So poor Mariella had to shampoo with ketchup.

We've been febrezing like mad but it still smells. We're boiling vinegar and water on the stove which sounds gross but trust me it's a dramatic improvement. My truck still smells a bit so I'll prolly have to have it cleaned.

A direct skunk blast is probably the worst thing I've ever smelled (and that includes the five star dishes (and former Party Time employees are the only folks who'll know how bad that was)). It's so pungent. It burns your nostrils. So I'm not sure how badly I stink. But what else is new?

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