Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Shopping

You've probably already figured out that I love shopping the close-out stores. Every experience is like an adventure in bargain-shopping. My favorite is still Marc's but Mariella and I visited a Deal$ yesterday and they might give Marc's a run for their money - even if that money is used to buy things WAY below retail.

Here are some of the off-brand treasures we found:

Mariella asked, "Why 51?" And I couldn't think of a good reason - maybe it's so you have a spoon for every state in the union and one when you go to D.C. aka Chocolate City.

Found this in the "music section" which is a small fraction of an aisle. I had never heard of King Pleasure. But I could've bought this whole album for the cost of one song on iTunes.

Another musical find: You know Lynyrd Skynyrd but have you heard of Skin Yard?

These alphabet erasers double as puzzles. They actually seem pretty cute until you realize the "A" wants to eat your soul!

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