Sunday, November 26, 2006

Teaser if you please 'er!

My gf's godfather (no. you don't have to kiss his ring) is in a band called Teaser.
I've seen them on several ocassions but they've never been as good as they were on Friday night. They were playing on W. 6th (SIDE NOTE: I typically abhor going out on W. 6th/douchebag city/meathead factory b/c this is mentality of the clientele there.) at the Blind Pig. It was the first time they ever played there. And they totally blew the roof off the dump. It was great - even though I was in a foul mood after some tool in a blazer and jeans was playing grab-ass with his friend who was wearing uber-chic (READ: idiotic and stupid-looking) glasses spilled his drink on me - who proceeded to smile, mouth "sorry" and walk away. That was during the second song of the Teaser set and I was still perturbed from my shopping episode earlier that day. So, it's probably better that he walked away.

Check out the guns on that chick!

Mariella's Uncle Tony is the one to the right of the singer.

I hope they play the BP more often b/c the sound system was WAY better than their usual venues.

Oh, and this was the banner hung up above the band:

I wonder if he brings the blow.

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Lisa said...

Hey, your girlfriend is really cute. I bet she has cute friends, especially that blonde librarian one!