Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sucks is an understatement

I got a phone call from one of my good friends in Toledo on Sunday. From her voice I knew something was wrong.

She told me that one of our friend's father passed away. There weren't any details. Just that it was extremely sudden. He was 61. I asked her how our friend was. She said, "You know."

Crap. I guess, I do. I guess asking how someone is is just a deflection we use while we try to comprehend the enormity of the news we'd just been told. Because I do know what it's like. And it's terrible.

Unfortunately, work and traffic stopped me from attending the wake. I really wanted to be there for my friend. I'm not sure what I would tell her. I'm still trying to figure things out. (Yesterday, I was asking a heating contractor for advice b/c I don't have Dad to talk to about these things.)

I didn't know my friend's father. But I know her and she is an amazing person and I have to imagine some of that is due to her father. I know he had a dog named Bindi b/c it had a spot in the middle of it's forehead (why I remember that I don't know) so it sounds like he had a nice, obscure sense of humor. It's hard to eulogize for someone you don't know.

So, I'll wrap it up by saying be sure the ones you love know that they are loved. I know I was loved by Dad and he knows I loved him and still do.

Let's keep all the departed in our prayers.

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