Monday, November 13, 2006

It's T-Mas Season

I got an email from Brandon Bird today. (I have one of his paintings hanging in my office.) He's selling cards in honor of the season. Go buy some.
Which brings us to the topic of Mr. T - one of my childhood heroes from the A-Team, Rocky III, and the WWF.

So I was excited to hear that he had a new show.

I pity Mr. T.

It's not bad - "bad" meaning "good" in the Mr. T lexicon. Mr. T has been reduced to Dr. Phil with a mohawk. He's teaching fools the rules. And it borders on unwatchable. I guess I wasn't expecting him kicking ass in his advancing years (he's 54 now). But I at least hoped he would be at least as entertaining as Flava Flav.

C'mon, T, you can do better. What would Murdock think?!

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