Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk Arms Race

Karen & Kevan were in town last week with Maya & Zeke. It's been nice outside so Mom and Maya were drawing on the driveway with chalk. They were drawing their houses. Here's mom's house:

I got into the action and drew my castle on the hill that overlooks their neighborhood. Maya said that's where all the monsters live. Mom drew a giant alligator to protect their village. So I drew a flying, fire-breathing dragon to protect my territory. The put up a wall to stop my dragon.

Plus, they drew a tyrannosaurus that breathes water to counterbalance my dragon.

I told them that I didn't want to be on their side of the wall anyways. My side was much nicer. It's so nice that Santa Claus lived on my side. (That's why my castle has a chimney.)

Maya said that Mariella didn't want to live in my castle, so she drew an apartment for her. It was purple and had no doors or windows.

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