Monday, June 04, 2007


So, the Cavs did it.

Cleveland is freaking out.

It was awesome to see them beat Detroit. No one thought they could (myself included.) But most of the Detroit team is a whining bunch of sissies. I'm annoyed by pretty much every player on the roster:

Rip Hamilton AKA glass face. Frankly, he should NOT be allowed to wear a facemask. He broke his nose when? Two seasons ago? It's an unfair advantage. He can go to the hoop without any regard for his face. Why not put both teams in full pads?

Rasheed Wallace AKA Mr. Angry. It was awesome to see the Cavs get his ire up. Although apparently that's not hard

Tashaun Prince AKA that sickly kid from the Simpsons. I don't like him b/c he's too good - make that was too good.

But let's not focus on the losers. We're going to the Finals!

I created a new shirt to watch the game in.

I'm going to be in Louisville for the first view games, but I'm definitely packing my Cavs jersey.

Lookout, Spurs. King James doesn't fake the funk on nasty dunks and all that rigamarole.

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