Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I need a new band

For my birfday, Mariella got me tickets to the Father's Day Barenaked Ladies show. I really enjoy the band although, their last two albums would've made one good one instead of the two mediocre ones. But I digress. Mariella and I went to the show and we had to park in the Christie's Cabaret parking lot - is that irony? We went to find our seats only to learn that we were directly behind two large ladies (and I say that as a large person myself.) The seats at Nautica/The Scene/The Plain Dealer Pavilion are bleacher-style with depressions for your tushy. Not super comfortable when you're wedged in there like sardines. We started sweating as soon as we sat down. And since the opening act wasn't very good we went to walk around. As it turns out pregnant ladies LOVE BNL. You'd think it was an obstetrician office with all the knocked-ups knocking around there.
Also there were TONS of people wearing BNL shirts at the BNL show. Didn't you morons see PCU?! You don't wear the t-shirt of the band when you go to see that band. The fact that you're there tells everyone you like the band. Don't be that guy.
Another thing that irritates me at concerts is people not knowing how or when to throw up the "horns." First off, tuck the thumb or else you're saying "I love you." And even if you're doing it right, YOU DO NOT THROW THEM UP FOR IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS! Got that people! It's acceptable to throw them up for Ronnie James Dio and anything else that hard rockin'. Definitely not BNL.
So, while I still enjoy the tunage, I need a new band with a following of like-minded snarky, sarcastic bastards like myself. Any suggestions?

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