Monday, June 18, 2007

Duct Tape Festival

Every year there's a duct tape festival and I've always been unable to go b/c we've always been on vacation for father's day weekend. Since we didn't use our time share this year, Mariella and I got a chance to experience it.
It reminded me of when Dad used to run the Chanel carnival. I loved it. We were the adopted children of the midway. We got free ride tickets.
Grandma Szczepanik would always come and make sure every grand kid won "the birthday game." You put a quarter on a date on the game board and then the game guy would roll a dice. If you matched the dice, you won a stuffed animal. Mariella and I played the game (I forced her), and we won with "Valentine's Day." It was like Grandma and Dad were helping us out. Mariella selected an excellent pink monkey.
After that we got some of Bayou Billy's Homemade Soda Pop - Sasparilla, we later got a refill of Birch Beer. I think it's a neat business model. Customers buy a tin mug for $5. Every refill after that is $1. They've got a whole assortment of flavors. The mug says that you get $1 refills for life. Mariella didn't like my idea of checking the website and becoming Bayou Billy Groupies - touring the country and following the stand to get our $1 drinks at fairgrounds in exotic locales.
All in all a good time. Although the fireworks could use some improvement.

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