Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Eagle has Landed a hundred bucks

I won the "best effort" category at work. The prize was $100. That was the prize in every category. They gave best of show to two girls that dressed up as two women from the movie "best of show."

I don't really care but unoriginal Halloween costumes really steam my beans. It's not creative if it's someone else's creation. I don't think it's creative if you're dressing up as someone else's creation. Every year someone dresses up like a SNL actor or something. I don't think it's amusing or clever. Just like you're not funny (or funnier) if you can quote lines from Austin Powers or whatever the crappy comedy of the moment is.

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Brett said...

I completely agree. I think that people come up with some pretty creative ways to execute those unoriginal costumes though. You even copied that amazing costume from an eagle!