Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Last Wednesday night, Mom and I went to a dinner honoring Dad. He was inducted into the Cleveland CYO hall of fame. It was a nice evening (though a bit long. It started at 6:00. We didn't get home until 10.) The recipients were all invited to say a few words after their induction. Mom wrote something and said that if she couldn't finish it I would have to. I said that was fine. I used to be terrified of speaking to large groups. Ad Fed cured me of that. Now I kind of enjoy it. Believe it or not I like an audience. Anyways. Terry Flanagan introduced Dad and said a ton of great things about him and I lost it. I struggled to hold back tears without much luck. Mom got up there and read her piece as though it was nothing while I held the plaque whimpering. I'm glad she kept it together because I sure didn't. I didn't really expect that rush of emotion. It was pride and sadness. I still miss him everyday. Many of the other inductees came over and shared stories about dad. I'm still amazed at how many lives he touched. I'm also continually amazed at how mom rises to every occasion.

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