Saturday, March 31, 2007

Something missing

It's been a good couple of weeks. I got engaged and Mariella threw me a great birthday party. My family and many friends showed up at DePompei's bar. Work's been pretty cool minus the flood. But I really miss Dad.
It's still strange not having him around to share good news with and call when I have questions. I know that he'd be happy for Mariella and I. I learned this week that he told a friend of his that i'd be engaged by the end of the year. He really liked Mariella.

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Kristen said...

Mark, We all miss Dad a lot. I know I'm just your littlest sister, but I know he was really fond of Mariella. He's just as proud as the rest of us to hear of your engagement. He may not be here physically, but if he was he'd probably be crying tears of joy. We probably have some of the best DNA around, and each other. That's about as good as gold.