Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leo & Screwdrivers

I love tools.

I was surfing toolmonger and read the review of the FatMax Xtreme Demolition Driver Set. I was intrigued when the review claimed that these screwdrivers would withstand things you really shouldn't do with screwdrivers b/c that's the sort of thing I'm always doing. And I really love my FUBAR.

So I decided to add them to my Amazon Wishlist for my approaching 30th birfday. (HINT... HINT...)

The listing seems normal enough:

Then I scrolled down and saw this:

Well, that makes sense. It was a popular movie. But this next bit of the all too eager Amazon up-sale webcode struck me as odd:

So I will enjoy the movie better when I have a screwdriver in hand? Maybe Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg would be more convincing if I'm wielding a socket set too.

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