Thursday, October 12, 2006

Photo diary of my trip to Athens, OH

I had to go down to OU to represent my company at a career fair. The night before I decided to stay at my friends in Columbus and drive the rest of the way in the morning. I didn't get to their house until about 9:30 pm. About 10:30 I remembered that I had to iron our company's new (and expensive) embroidered tablecloth.

So I asked to borrow their iron. I set it to a low setting and got to work (not wanting to damage the cloth). It was going swimmingly until the steam jets kicked in and left yellow stains on the white cloth. I was horrified. Fortunately, my buddy had one of those steam shark things that just blasted the stains away - but it did very little for the wrinkles. So we went to Walmart and bought the following:


This hat was $3. And it says, I'm both a Browns fan and a redneck. I'm not sure which distinction has the higher perceived IQ.

I got to OU in the morning without much trouble and proceeded to stand around and answer questions about my company all day. Afterwards, I headed uptown to hit the bookstores, see the sights and feel old.

I used to ride this bus a lot.

It was pretty rainy. But a rainy day in Athens beats a sunny day many other places.

Looking down Court Street.

This bridge means you're halfway home. Oh, and that Lollipop post below is from East State Street - which BTW is a teeming metropolis now.

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