Sunday, October 01, 2006

a full day

woke up on the couch. worked on a new cornhole set today (it's coming out pretty sweet.) went to church with my sis, kristen.

there was a couple a few rows in front of us practically making out. the had to be in their forties and the guy looked a bit like james lipton. he was rubbing his wife's back throughout the whole mass. occasionally reaching up to massage her neck. rarely was he not touching her. i'm no prude but c'mon you're at church!

after dinner, mom, kristen and I went to the cemetary. it's weird. it still doesn't really feel like dad's gone so it was surreal to see his name on the temporary grave marker.

from there we went to lowe's and bought a new light fixture for the kitchen. i'll have to install that this week.

then we caught the end of the browns game. woohoo. finally frye comes through!

then I went to clean up the garage. which was tough - my dad was a saver and a bargain shopper. there's SO much stuff and much of it brand new in its packaging. plus I kept coming across stuff that reminded me of him - golf clubs, tools, caulk. Yes, caulk reminds me of my father. you see a while back we were at home depot and my dad picked up some caulk and I jokingly yelled at him that he was going to get me fired b/c he wasn't buying the brand that my agency represented. from then on he only bought my brand- even if I wasn't with him.. it's those little things that made my dad such a great man, father and friend. I miss him a lot.

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