Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Incredible Birthday Presents

Today's my birfday. Making me officially the oldest I've ever been.

I have received a number of awesome presents the first from my bride-to-be Mariella. I've wanted a custom Indians jersey for a long time. And now I have one:

And, yes, I realize that I have the same number as Jackie Robinson, the first player to cross MLB's color barrier and that it's retired throughout all of baseball. It's my birthday 4/2.

From Mom and Joan, I received an astounding piece of environmentally friendly technology

It's a solar-powered, lighted squirrel yard ornament. I've never owned anything so amazing. It harnesses the power of the sun during the day so at night it gives off a warm (and hopefully skunk-repelling beacon of light.) Mariella wants to put in the front yard in hopes that it will be stolen. But it makes me very happy and as it turns out there are other solar animals available for sale. We could have a whole night-time zoo!!!

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