Sunday, April 27, 2008

The six-million dollar dog

Stupid dog peeking around the corner.

Chloe had been throwing up all last week. We took her to the emergency vet clinic after the Cavs game on Monday nite. Four hours later, we left several hundred dollars poorer and with some pills (that we couldn't get her to take.) She seemed fine for the next couple of days but didn't eat anything all week and started puking again on Thursday. So Mariella took her to the vet on Friday where they repeated the x-rays and the bloodwork. The bloodwork was fine but her stomach looked odd to the vet. So she suggested that we take her to the animal hospital. So on Saturday we spent the better part of the day waiting around an exam room. The vet finally told us that she needed surgery - which isn't cheap. But Chloe pulled through and the surgeon pulled out her stomach: a liter of liquid (a lot for a 12 lb. dog), some string, some hair and some little green bits of plastic. Nothing was getting through past that clog of crap, so it sounds like she's all better now and pound-for-pound the most expensive dog on the planet.

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