Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I don't like them anymore than I used to

I went to the Bangles concert last Thursday with Mary. It was part of an Ad Fed event, so don't judge me. And they sound like they used to. They did there requisite three songs I recognize and a bunch of other stuff that I could've done without.
They did bring out a rabid (not literally) fan base. During their between-song banter, a Bangle mentioned she didn't know the last time they were in Cleveland. And several people in the audience shouted, "November 2, 2003!" I wish I were making that up. U.S. Americans can't find us on the map but we've cornered the market on the Bangles 2003 tour schedule. Huzzah!
One good part of the evening was The Bridges. Before too long I think they'll be on the radio.

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