Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ticketmaster should be illegal

I never really enjoyed Pearl Jam. I did however enjoy their stance on Ticketmaster. (Which is a pretty apt name, seeing as how we're all it's slaves.) But I guess they moved on to other causes. Here's the deal:

Tribe's going to the post-season. Yay!
We're trying to buy tickets to game two of the ALDS. Yay!
They (I presume MLB) jacked the prices up for the playoffs - which I can deal with. So the seats in the nosebleed section that cost $7 are now $30.
Then TM screws us for another $6 fee per ticket. (multiply that by the Jake's occupancy of approx. 43,000 and TM makes a quarter mil a game!!! For what? Simply b/c they can.

Then to get the tickets, there's no option for the good 'ol will-call window. You can have them UPSed, mailed or print your own - and each one of those has a fee. The cheapest being print your own at $2. Two freaking dollars to use my ink and paper?! WTF?

Then on top of that there's a handling and convenience fee of $3.35 FOR TICKETS THAT DON'T PHYSICALLY EXIST UNTIL WE PRINT THEM?! It's all computerized no one is even handling and it sure as hell isn't convenient for me. What are they doing with the $6 per ticket fee?

So our 8 tickets to Game 2 of the Division Series cost us $293.35.

Go Tribe.

Go to hell, Ticketmaster.

Support your local venues. Like the Beachland.

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