Friday, August 24, 2007

What I've been doing.

This won't be interesting but since I haven't been able to talk to Mariella, here's what I've done since she left (maybe she'll log on and boost my readership in Italy):

- dropped her off at the airport.
- went to work.
- stayed at work late to attend to some ad fed stuff.
- spent the night at Mariella's house b/c I had an early mtg in Strongsville the next day. It's surreal being at her house without her being there.

- went to work
- went to the grocery store (TACO NIGHT!)
- went and played softball. It was still 85 degrees and muggy for our 9:30 game. I was pitching and led the league in sweatiness. My ERA is shot as I let up 22 runs. The other team was good at placing hits. We did score 21 of our own. So that wasn't too bad and I had my best hit of the season. A double. But before that I fouled out in my first at bat, walked the next and struck out on a pitch that I still say was a ball. I know for certain that I wasn't getting that call when I was pitching. The umpire was questionable at best. So that was a bunch of garbage. Matt on our team had 3 homeruns. 2 inside the park and one over the fence.

- went for a walk with mom
- drove Uncle Stan to the VA for an eye doctor appt
- went to work.

Some fun, huh?

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