Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mariella checks in

Mariella just called. She's having a good time but it doesn't sound like a super relaxing vacation. Apparently everyone wants to see her over there.

She's currently in Siracusa. Hopefully, she won't run into any of these guys. It was practically 1 am there when she called me and they had just gotten "home."

Apparently they saw nearly everything in Rome in 3 days. (Sounds like my family vacation where we always seem to show up to any museum a half an hour before closing.) She saw the colosseum and it was 41 degrees Celsius. I guess your internal body temperature is about 37 Celsius (so you do the math.)

She said her trip's almost half over. I had to remind her that it's only about a 1/3 over. She's only been there a week today. She says she has no idea what date or day it is anymore.

It was kind of a choppy connection and my cell battery was waning and she sounded tired.

I miss her a bunch.

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