Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bad news

Today's 8 months to the day that Dad passed away. And yesterday I got a chilling phone call. My best friend Shane's father passed away.
Apparently, he was complaining of a headache, went to bed and didn't wake up. Sucks is an understatement. I think he was in his early 50s.
Shane lives out in Arizona, so he's coming in today. I called him yesterday and he said it still seems unreal. He was worried about his mom. Which is pretty close to what I went through in September.
I got to know Shane's dad while at OU. Larry would come down and party with us. Actually the whole family would come down and party with us. He called me "Sharky" (just like everyone else at college) and actually it eventually become shark-I. If your name ended with a long e, he replaced it with a long I. So his wife Judy became Jude-I. So we took to calling him Lare-I.
Larry was always very welcoming to everyone. I always really liked going down to Shelby to visit the Wolfersbergers. CJ and I went down for Shane's cousin Austin's wedding. And Larry invented one of our all-time favorite phrases "Chicken Whammy Jammies" CJ and I were standing around and Larry asked if we had tried the chicken whammy jammies. We hadn't. So Larry made a big production out of it. He got one off the tray (I think they were simply chicken fingers), and he said "watch this, watch my mouth." He put the whole thing in his mouth enjoying it heartily. He kept saying how delicious they were. Finally, convincing us to try them. They weren't as delicious as he made them out to be.
When I talked to Shane, I told him that there was never any doubt that his dad loved his family. And that's more than true. Larry relished in managing the many bands of Micah (shane's youngest brother) including IZENET KOLDOUT, Buzzbucket and I'm sure there's one I'm forgetting. Larry even printed out T-shirts for us once.
You can definitely see Larry in all his children. Shane shares his father's mannerisms and ability to get excited about little things like breakfast. Larry would always make Camper's Quiche and some "steaming java." Shane will make up stupid little songs about random crap, which apparently he got from his Dad.
It's scary that it can all be over so suddenly. Once again another unfortunate reminder to make the most of the time that you're given.
We'll miss you, Larry.

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