Thursday, January 18, 2007

New stuff on my walls.

I moved my Abe kicking ass painting to make room for my dad's vanity plate - framed with the help of Kristen from work.

My dad got these plates to go on his Cadillac. He always wanted that car. He drove out to Toledo just to show it to me. And six months later he traded it in for the new model. He found that he didn't have much time to drive it, so he sold it and put the money away so he could buy a new one when he retired.

He had to get "KAZ S 1" b/c "KAZ" and "KAZ S" were taken (who else would need those?!) He also thought about getting "BINGO" but that too is taken and I wouldn't have wanted to be reminded of Bingo all the time.

I too have vanity plates. (Mariella makes fun of me from time to time. And I too like to make fun of cars I see with plates - I see "DUCHESS" all the time on my way to work.) It costs a little more but it reminds me of dad. He rarely showed off but he was damn proud of that car.

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