Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why I love to see Ohio State lose.

1. Stupid lawsuit.
2. The use of "The" in front of Ohio State University. Technically Ohio University should have be The Ohio State University. We were Ohio's first University founded in 1804. I think Ohio State was like 1846 when they saw how cool Athens was. So technically since OU is a state school. It is the Ohio State University.
3. The d-bag bandwagon fans - especially if you never attended.

I know it's kind of late to be regaling in the Buckeye loss, but too bad.

We went to a bar in Parma to watch the National Championship. And the bar was filled with Scarlet and Gray - I was wearing the more appropriate green. Drunk morons were shouting "O-H" and most of the time no one responded. After Ginn ran back the opening kickoff the place went nuts. But then Florida started marching up and done the field. Where's your sweatervest now, Buckeyes?

Here's the rundown of people in attendance (not making this up).

-Some guy with his entire head tattooed that we overheard that he had to be up early to meet with his Parole Officer.

-A group of 4 seemingly normal dudes drinking brewskis. However one didn't know that while coffee is brewed it's not really a brewski. He was subjected to much ridicule when the waitress brought him his WAY emasculating Irish Coffee topped with a delightful dollop of whipped cream.

-Mr. Overalls

These were clearly his "going out" overalls. He hadn't even worn them to work yet judging by their cleanliness. He did spill a beer on them when he was shouting about how much the Florida kicker sucked. So that was funny. I amused myself to no end by answering the "O-H" calls with "veralls."

Congrats gators. Go Bobcats.

P.P.* I know OU blew it in the GMAC bowl but our football team is typically overshadowing by our band who is WAY more fun to watch than the OSU band. Give me Crazy Train over script Ohio anyday.

*P.P. stands for Post Post. Much like Post Script only more modern.

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