Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Dad

it's amazing how much your life can change in a matter of moments.

my dad died suddenly 3 weeks ago today. 2 days before it happened we were working at one of our rental houses like normal. heck, he seemed fine right up to the end. the night it happened we were at an orchestra concert. they were playing along with the wizard of oz. my dad was laughing at me and my sister mary as we sang and dance. he fell asleep a couple of times (per usual.) after the show we walked to the car and made plans to meet the next day. my girlfriend and I got into her car and drove off.

that was the last time I talked to him. he passed away in the car about ten minutes later.
he wasn't even sick. we're all still stunned. the doctors are saying it was a heart attack but we're not focusing on how he died.
he was only 63 but managed about153 years worth of accomplishments, friends and memories. my dad taught at my high school for forty years - which I guess it makes it more his school than my school. he also ran the bingo game and was supposed to retire today. it was supposed to be the last day for all the regular bingo volunteers - myself included (i sold the earlybird games). in fact, i'm supposed to go meet them for drinks in a few minutes which will be hard. my dad was my best friend and the people i'm meeting were some of his best friends.

three weeks ago my dad was around. I wasn't the family patriarch, the landlord of 3 properties or the guy my 5 sisters and mom came to for advice (not that I mind, but what the hell do I know as opposed to my dad who knew EVERYTHING.) on september 2nd, it wasn't painful to go to bingo (not that I ever particularly enjoyed it but the only reason I helped was I got to see my dad.) but it's not 3 weeks ago so we'll play the hand we've been dealt and see what happens.

this won't be the last time I post about my dad. so if it's too heavy go find a blog about the spears-federline baby. although, i'm sure the posts will get more light-hearted. take care.

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