Tuesday, September 26, 2006

moving forward

I don't think the loss of a parent is something you ever "get over." things never "get back to normal" when you lose someone who was ALWAYS there for you. i'll always miss dad but he would want us to carry on with his spirit and lessons in mind.

the grief will lessen and you'll be able stop tearing up at work - I hope. I might not have cried yesterday but then I discovered one of my sisters' blog (linked at the right.) she's posted some beautiful memories about dad. (NOTE: grandma's driveway had no flowers.)


Best Vest said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!! It's about time. You are, after all, a professional writer!

lisa said...

maybe those flowers were in the swans or something. she definitely had them somewhere. no other flower reminds me more of her.

mark said...

Coach: How're the bucks?

Lisa: i think you're right.