Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sasha P: a man of the people

The wife and I were at the Parma Giant Eagle - not the highest class community or grocery store. We were selecting some yogurts and we run into Cavaliers star, Sasha Pavlovic. Can you believe it?! In our Giant Eagle?! Wild! He and his lady friend were shopping for groceries - just like me and my wife!

The best part is when it was time to check out, he didn't rely on his NBA star power to convince the checkout lady to accept expired coupons. Instead he went to the self-checkout aisle and rung up his own groceries (while his girlfriend bagged.) Do you think LeBron would do that or even do his own grocery shopping? That Sasha is one salt-of-the-earth kind of guy.

And as we left, it turns out that we parked nose-to-nose with his giant black Escalade.

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joanieszcz said...

you are a total nerd.