Sunday, February 24, 2008

Go Walleye!

Many of you know that I lived in Toledo for a couple of years and up until the beginning of this month I was a property owner there. Well, that's all behind us now but I like to keep up with the happenings in Ohio's Wild West.

The Toledo Mud Hens (the minor league baseball) team is founding a new minor league hockey team and an arena football team and they're lookinf for names. Apparently, they opened it up to the public. I'm actually a big fan of the new name for the hockey team - The Walleye. The logo's pretty cool - complete with a blacked-out tooth.

Well apparently there was some controversy surrounding one of the other names that they trademarked, supposedly for the football team - The Woodpeckers. By itself an okay, somewhat colorful name, right? Well here's my favorite quote about from the article about the naming:

"If we could push rewind, we would not have registered 'Peckers' and 'Peckerheads.'"


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