Saturday, January 19, 2008

Terror Alert: Orange. Annoyance Alert: Red

So, I'm in duluth, MN to judge their ADDY show. I booked my flight a while ago on midwest airlines. I was originally scheduled to go from cleveland to milwaukee to duluth but the airline decided to stop flying to duluth. so my trip went from cleveland to milwaukee to minnesota to duluth. that's 4 airports in one day. my last leg had me switch carriers and terminals in minnesota. so I had to go through security twice. which is the pinnacle of annoying in the winter. I needed 5 of those bins for all my stuff. it's only one degree in duluth so I had a number of layers.
and could airport security be more of a waste of time? does anyone feel safer? three ounces of hair gel is ok but four ounces and I'm taking down a plane. it's insane.

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