Thursday, April 12, 2007


Haven't posted in a while. Here's why:
1. Busy at work - which is good.
2. Taxes - hate them.
3. WII - awesome. I came home the other day to find mom playing bowling. Which I find funny. Half the fun of the system is watching people play. Hilarious. Mom's not bad at bowling (my high game: 267) but it took her a while to get the hang of using the wiimote and actually point it at the screen.
4. Ad Fed stuff - I'm prez next year and I got bidness to handle.
5. Easter - Lisa and the gang came in to town. Which was amusing as always. Sammy's new thing is to turn every statement into a question simply by adding "right?" i.e., That's a robot, right? That's a car, right? And you have to answer or he gets upset. It stops being cute after a bit.
6. Wedding planning - looking for halls. Meeting with some guy on Saturday that kept saying "Mama Mia" on the phone. We also looked at the Astrodome of Parma (seriously, that's the name.) I think it's a nice hall. Mariella was a bit underwhelmed. And it's not the most affordable option we've seen. When you're guest list is as large as ours, you really limit your options. But we have seen some nice ones. I told Mariella that even after we're married we ought to pretend like we're still planning and go and sample the food at every hall in town. Free dinners out!

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